Ryan McKenna, one of ten students involved in #GetMoreFCAD, in the RCC. PHOTO: SEAN WETSELAAR/THE EYEOPENER

FCAD students seek to launch new leadership committee

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By Sean Wetselaar
News Editor

The Faculty of Communications and Design (FCAD) may have a new committee of student leaders, depending on the results of a survey currently circulating on campus.

A group of 10 FCAD students hope to unite the disparate programs of the faculty and improve professional networking within their respective industries.

“I think if you see FCAD right now, there’s a lot of divide between all the programs.  And I think one of the things is the programs are so different from each other,” said Ryan McKenna, a second-year journalism student working on the steering committee.

“Journalism people do not interact with fashion people, and say interior design people — they don’t really interact with anyone in FCAD.  They’re fairly segregated from everybody else in the faculty.  So, the creation of this group is hoping to unite FCAD and bring it to be one voice.”

The team hopes to garner 800 survey results and McKenna said they have obtained around 60 per cent of that goal.

One of the primary objectives of the survey is to determine whether or not students would be willing to contribute some funding (the survey suggests $25-$40 a semester) to the group.

The team has not confirmed whether or not they will seek a formal referendum on the topic of funding based on survey results.  But, if they do receive funding, McKenna said it would be put towards growth of existing infrastructure (such as Mass Exodus in fashion, or the Tara Awards in radio and television arts), and an increase in professional networking options for all students.

“[The goal is] a mix of community and for everyone in FCAD to sort of unite into one, and to be a parent group for all these … different programs,” McKenna said.  “[And to] make sure they have everything that they need and that they feel like they’re a part of Ryerson University and the Faculty of Communications and Design.”

The group is operating under the hashtag “#GetMoreFCAD” and launched its campaign Monday night, with classroom talks beginning Tuesday.  Talks will continue until the survey closes March 15.

FCAD students interested in filling out the survey can do so here: https://survey.ryerson.ca/s?s=2573, with a chance to win a free MacBook Air.


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