How to get a job in a clique

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By Lee Richardson

Around this time of year, editors at The Eyeopener pry their faces away from a computer screen/bottom of a pint glass for long enough to realize that there’s only a few weeks left in their term of employment.

The Eyeopener stops publishing in early April, and as the year winds down we fill masthead positions as some editors leave for internships, jobs, or, as I would recommend, a stint in a dietary rehab centre.

While there’s a few weeks left, I’m inviting those interested in getting involved in the paper to do so.

I know that from the outside The Eyeopener seems like either a clique or a cult, and it has a bit of a reputation of being rather impenetrable.

This isn’t the case.

We still have four issues left in the year, which is enough time to contribute and get a few portfolio pieces.

Students don’t have to be enrolled in journalism, or even necessarily be a writer, to get involved. As the ad over to the left of this page explains, we appreciate photographers, videographers, artists and people with a keen eye for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

One thing I think has been missing from the paper this year is a good cross-section of contributing students from different programs.

The Eyeopener is a paper by and for Ryerson students, and I hope the incoming masthead reflects that in terms of their interests and academic backgrounds.

If students want to become more involved, working as an editor at the paper does have its advantages, and I’m not just saying that because I run it. Within the local media field, it’s surprising to constantly encounter the number of people who have either worked at The Eyeopener or know someone who has. As the media industry becomes increasingly competitive (and worrying), working as an editor throws up interesting networking opportunities.

Working at the paper is even regarded as a cult out in the real world – to date, I’m still not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Either way, we get noticed.

Applicants must be full-time students, and they don’t even have to have previously contributed to run for a masthead position. However, those who want to vote following election speeches must have contributed at least six times this semester.

We appreciate ideas and the people that bring them. Be one of them.

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