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By Victoria Stunt

When Laura Demers was walking up to the stage for her second performance in Mexico, she realized she had lost her voice.
She got on stage and shook her head at her bandmates. She could only get through four songs until she had to stop and apologize to the crowd.
Then a man in the crowd yelled out, saying all he wanted was to hear her sing.
“It was an amazing experience. Having the crowd sing with us and accept that mistakes happen… They just want to have fun,” says Demers. She continued the rest of the show.
The third-year new media student is a singer-songwriter. She traveled to Mexico in February to put on two concerts. It was her first time playing live.
“It was a really big [scare] at first, that turned into something that showed me that I can do something I was initially terrified of,” says Demers.
She thinks she evolved as an artist in Mexico. “I have a friend who jokes about it. He says I left a girl and came back a woman.”
One show took place in Mexico City and the other in Morelia, a city about four hours away. There was about 300 people in each crowd. Demers said her music is indie-pop, with a rock influence when performed live.
“It can be for the person… sitting down with some friends drinking coffee, and it can be for the person dancing at a party while socializing around the room. It really is what you want it to be,” she says.
Demers and her bandmate have been approached by someone who would like manage the group. They’d help them to get work visas to play large festivals, like Corona Capital, in Mexico.
“Half of my life is in Mexico, and half of it is here in Toronto,” she said.
Demers has no gigs planned in Toronto as of yet. She said after such a successful time playing live in Mexico, it’s making her antsy.
“I think that if you enjoy my music… then come share that experience with me. I like just chilling out and having fun and sharing that experience with others.”


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