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The Metro near the intersection of Gould and Church streets will no longer be open 24 hours a day.

Effective as of March 3, the popular grocery store, serving as the only produce vendor on Ryerson’s campus will be open from 7 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.

The change especially affects students living on campus. First-year business student Meagan Barley was

“devastated” by the change – she and many other residence students shop at Metro after campus food facilities close.

But for the majority of students at Ryerson who commute to campus, the change’s impact is negligible.

“I do shop at Metro at home,” said second-year mechanical engineering student Eli Hendsbee.

“[But] I’m a commuter… I’ve bought one drink there, maybe.” Metro offers produce and other essentials to local residents beyond Ryerson students, and was the only major grocery store open after midnight in the area.

The closest alternative to Metro’s selection is the gas station at Church and Dundas streets, but students hoping to get some midnight fruit and vegetables will have to go elsewhere.

Rumours circulating that residence students may stage a violent revolt in response to the decision have not been confirmed.


  1. Actually, the closest alternative is Rabba which is at 256 Church Street, just on the other side of the ILLC. Rabba is definitely open 24/7

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