Melissa Palermo (R) will serve as next year’s Ryerson Students’ Union’s president. File photo

Giving Ryerson a grade

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By The News Team

Ryerson’s administration

Not that you need to hear it again, but the Mattamy Athletic Centre is a dazzling piece of cement. You can thank the Ryerson administration for that.

They also fought for more lecture space in the old AMC theatres and bought us two large chunks of pavement for future development.

It might be a medical school when you’re 40 years old, but in reality more SUVs than students will benefit from the space in the near future.

The $5.6 million Ryerson quietly coughed up to cover Aramark’s losses – an inevitable cost, admin say – still doesn’t sit well with us. Neither does the fact the Ryerson Students’ Union was sitting on that hot piece of news all along and didn’t tell us about it. We’re also still a bit fuzzy on what the vice-president equity’s duties are.

Heh. Duties.

3.5 Aramark contracts out of 5

Ryerson’s security

The thing about Ryerson’s security team is that nobody cares, or knows, about the work they do until a string of sexual assaults or locker thefts on campus puts their actions and response times under a microscope.

If it weren’t for the security team, no one would chase the drunk, noncommunity members frolicking about Kerr Hall on Sunday nights, or work a night shift to keep an eye on Mutual Street while the rest of us pretend to be studying.

We should also be grateful for the (albeit late) switch to mass-emailed Security Watches, which are, alarming as they may be to some students, crucial for student safety.

But students could have done with a little more transparency this year – even if it means writing a blog post in reaction to the latest security reports every couple of weeks or educating students on how finicky those Kerr Hall lockers can be.

2.5 stolen iPhones out of 5

Ryerson’s student union

The Ryerson Students’ Union is like a Miss Teen Canada pageant contestant – neither could survive without taking up a cause, be it peace on earth, anti-animal cruelty (save the squirrels!) or fighting for healthy, affordable food for students on campus.

The infamous Drop Fees campaign is never going away (and, we hate to break it to them, neither are the fees), they really haven’t delivered most of their platform promises (but who does these days anyway?), and they sure as hell haven’t had a competitive election in years.

But the RSU fought for the fall reading week that most of us (sorry, engineers!) enjoyed this year, and their free tax clinic is why some of us aren’t in jail.

We also have to give the RSU credit for this year’s attempts at making food options on campus slightly more appealing.

But the problem is that, without a detailed business model, it’s hard to take the Good Food Co-Op seriously.

We hope next year’s board meetings make quorum more often.

Here are our recommendations for next year’s executive:

– Sean Kingston is horrible. Get a better artist for Parade and Picnic next year.

– A puppy room. A student union candidate at the University of Calgary won 55 per cent of the vote by promising a puppy room. Yeah.

– Drop beats, not fees.

2 Marianas Trenches out of 5

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