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Cheapskating 101

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Booze, rent and downtown temptations make university pricier than you probably thought it would be. If you’re gonna be a broke ass:

Get Uncarded

If Mean Girls has taught us any- thing, it’s that plastic will screw you over. While setting fire to your credit cards may be going too far, having them on you at all times makes it easy to go over budget. Carrying cash instead will limit how much you spend and make you physically hand over money, which makes you rethink some of your impulse purchases. If that’s still too tempting, going money-free on days you pack a lunch means that not even your stomach will get your cash flowing.

Become a thriftster

Don’t let hipsters mislead you – there are tasteful, non-ironic finds at thrift stores. From clothes to furniture, buying secondhand means your minimum wage can go to more shirt- staining and sofa-ruining booze.

Let Rye Stuff You Silly

Dorm Kids: Your meal plan isn’t going to eat itself. Meal plans don’t rollover to the next year, so be sure to use it up before then.

Commuters: Sometimes Kraft Dinner doesn’t cut it and you’ll be hankering for something more. Tucked upstairs in the Student Campus Centre, the Community Food Room is stocked weekly with fresh fruit, vegetables, non-perishables and necessities like razors. Everything is free for stu- dents but there are limits per person.

Cheap Flicks

Going to the movies may not seem that frugal, but buying your movie tickets from the front desk at the SCC means that you’ll pay $2.50 less on a regular price ticket. You can get another $2 knocked off if you see the latest blockbuster at a smaller cinema.

Bulk Up

Bulk Barn and Kensington Market’s Essence of Life offer savings on nuts, health foods, sweets and vitamins. Compared to GNC, Essence of Life’s health section is considerably cheaper; a protein powder like VegaOne is $20 less.

Talk Is Cheap (With A Student Plan)

The big tech companies will suck you dry, but ease the blood-letting with a discounted student cellphone or internet plan. If you plan on getting both, bundling them will result in a better deal. And don’t forget to haggle! Some- times all it takes is saying Bell/Rogers has it cheaper to get an “exclusive offer.”

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