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Don’t let school ruin university

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By Sean Tepper

I know that it’s an old cliché, but as someone who is no longer a post-secondary student, I can honestly say that your university years are the best times of your life. Think about it, you’re young, experimental and mostly ignorant to many of life’s actual hardships.

When I first came to university, I was always looking two steps ahead, scared shitless of what the future held. Let’s face it, the job market is looking more and more like a desolate wasteland and what’s the point of university if not to get a stable job in the field of your choice?

While this may be the case, I had my priorities all wrong.

Let me put it in simple terms. Go out and do things that are stupid ¬– and I mean really stupid. Like mind-numbingly stupid. The only thing that is expected of you is to be somewhat safe, learn from your many mistakes and make sure to not repeat them. Take the information that you’ve learned and apply it to future scenarios.

No lecture, essay or tutorial will ever teach you how much alcohol is too much, but after a sleepless night next to your toilet you’ll quickly learn your boundaries.

While your eventual career path is what brought you to downtown Toronto’s little slice of paradise, don’t let your courses overwhelm you. At least not initially.

Go out on weeknights when you have class at 8 a.m. the next morning, skip class to meet up with that girl you’re really into.

Now’s your chance to get away with murder (figuratively, not literally) without any major consequences.

What your parents forgot to tell you is that there’s no better teacher than regret, and in university, regret is practically synonymous with life experience.

Trust me, I’m a graduate.

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