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How to be the ultimate Rams fan

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Be Loud

Rams fan are known for being boisterous when it comes to voicing their opinion in the stands. Whether it was when they cheered on the men’s basketball team in last year’s OUA final four or just about any time the men’s hockey team plays in Toronto, Rams fans love to lose their shit.

If you’re showing up, make sure to bring a vuvuzella, or some instrument of equal loudness, be it a tambourine or a drum. When the Rams score, make sure to sing some of our favourite chants like, “Let’s Go Rams,” “Ry-er- son,” or “De-fense,” and if you don’t know ‘em yet, just join in with the rest of the fans.

Dress Well

Since blue and gold are the official Rams colours, make sure to wear as much of them as possible. Blue jeans or a tee and you’re already half way there! Finding something yellow can be harder, but a yellow towel over your back, like a cape, works.

If you really pride yourself in being a fan, you’ll buy official Rams apparel from the Ryerson bookstore on Gould St. You can buy cheap toques and hats for about $20, but if you’re feeling a little less thrifty you can purchase a Rams hoody for over $50. If you’re not going to wear colours, wear something casual. You’re not going to a wedding, so a polo or skirt works. And because it’s an arena, the MAC tends to get really cold so take a backup sweater just in case.

Be the Geek

Did you know that Jahmal Jones averaged 15.3 point per game, while grabbing 77 boards in 20 games last season? Do you even know who Jahmal Jones is? The ultimate fan is a statistician geek, you’ve got to know every single players first name and last name, the good players and the bad ones. Knowing how they take their coffee may be a bit far.

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