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Let’s go clubbing!

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Ryerson Athletics offers many different intramural sports and clubs so there’s no excuse to not attempt to become the best athlete possible.

Although intramurals and clubs differ in their competitive nature, both provide worthwhile experience depending on the time you can afford to put in.

“Intramurals are usually 30 minutes to an hour long and happen once a week. You’re there mostly for the fun and the recre- ational part of it,” says Nick Asquini, athletics and club coordinator.

Conversely, he says clubs have a higher commitment level of usually three to four total hours a week.

“Whereas intramurals is more or less like a pick-up game your friends organize, clubs are more competitive but it’s a larger investment in terms of learning the sport and meeting new people.”

Ryerson offers 12 intramural sports and 16 clubs, which will start in the second week of September and take place in the MAC, RAC, and quad.

The clubs are divided into competitive and non-competitive, says Asquini. Clubs like baseball and cheerleading are more competitive, meaning they compete in Ontario championships and only eligible members can join. Other clubs like trampoline and cricket aren’t as competitive so that any novice member can join without having any prior experience.

If you’re looking to join a team, here are some of the clubs to take a look at:

The equestrian club is one of Ryerson’s most renowned sports clubs. Hopping on a horse might just sound like a walk in the park but it’s no breeze. Given their high finishing in last year’s championship, it might be harder than you think to make the team.

The baseball club competes in the OUA but is still regarded as a club. Tryouts will take place in late August so if you think you have what it takes to swing a bat and throw a ball, give it a shot.

The cricket team plays out of Kerr Hall Gymnasium. This Indi- an-Asian sport is played with high passion but you can be of any level to join.

The dance pack is another competitive club, but you don’t have to be a dance student to try-out. If you want like preforming in front of big crowds at Rams games, learn the moves and you’ll be the main attraction at half-time.

The kendo club is one of four mixed martial arts clubs. The goal of the game is to whack your opponent with the shinai (a bamboo stick) in four main areas, while exerting as much force as you can. All four martial arts clubs are instructed by black-belt leveled coaches so the knowledge gained is invaluable.

The golf club is great for those that like relax and hit the ball on a nice day at the greens. Anybody can join this club.

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