Libraries are overrated

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On Campus

50 Carlton St.

Located on the third floor of the MAC, this balcony lined with tables and lounge chairs overlooks the basketball court. Not a lot of students think of this as a study spot, so as long as you don’t try to read here during a game, it’s pretty quiet.

133 Mutual St.

This former campus eatery has been converted to a lounge area. Furnished with comfy chairs and big tables, you can make yourself cozy and study until the early hours of the morning.

99 Gerrard St. E.

Most Ryerson students have absolutely no clue where this building is located. For this reason, it’s always quiet. If you head up to the sixth floor, there are tons of vacant tables.

Off Campus

2 Matilda St.

Tucked away on a quiet dead end street, Merchants of green Coffee is the definition of a hidden gem. It takes about a half an hour to walk there from campus (or 15 minutes on the street car), but it’s worth the trip. Because this café is off the beaten path, there are usually only a handful of people occupying the tables. It’s quiet, it has tons of study space and there’s free Wi-Fi. Still not quite convinced? The baristas at Merchants make fantastic coffee — and it’s all fair trade.

27 King’s College Circle

If you’re fixated on the idea of studying in a library, it’d be in your best interest to visit one off Ryerson campus. The University of Toronto has not one, not two, but 44 libraries. Although not all of them are Ryerson student approved, there are a few that you can get into regardless of whether or not you go to U of T. Be sure to check out the Hart House Library, the University College Library or the E.J. Pratt Library.

512 Queen St. W.

If the name of this venue isn’t enough to convince you to check it out, then here are some other reasons — Reason number one, there’s free Wi-Fi; reason two, it’s open late; reason three, there’s a great study atmosphere; and finally, the best reason of all, if you get sick of drinking coffee, you can always switch to beer.

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