Ryerson students were among the crowds waiting to buy the new iPhone Friday, Sept. 20.

iWaited all night

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The latest iPhone was released on Friday to throes of fans at the Eaton Centre’s Apple store. Along with an operating system update and an affordable (if $599 sounds like a bargain to you) plastic version, the iPhone 5s was so popular some Ryerson students waited overnight for it. Here’s what they and other Ryerson students in line had to say on the iPhone 5s.


Kristen Jagdeo, 1st year Business Management

“My dad told me to buy the phone.  He’s at work right now so he just told me to buy it.  It’s not even for my dad it’s for someone at his work.”

Waiting since: 7:30 a.m.  (half an hour before reaching the front of the line)


Neil Hanson, 3rd year Film Production

“We played ‘Sultans of Catan’ all night.  I might have gotten 20 minutes (of sleep.)  If you do it smart you can sell your phone for a profit every year.”

Waiting since: 10 p.m.  (until store opening at 8 a.m.)


Ahmad Kalaji, 3rd year Aerospace Engineering

“I slept on the floor.  It was a good experience, but if I had to go back in time…”

Waited since: 12 a.m. (until store opening at 8 a.m.)


Zafar Sayed, 4th year Biomedical Engineering

 “I just wanted to see, in person, how it looks and the general psychology.  I think it’s silly to wait overnight; I guess it’s part of the fun.  It just shows how much some people are willing to do.”

Did not wait or purchase phone.


Hariish Nantha, 4th year Biomedical Engineering

“[I didn’t wait in line] because I have the iPhone 5, so there are no big changes.  I just wanted to see the line.”

Did not wait or purchase phone.

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