Ryerson Safety 101

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By Sean Tepper

How safe is our campus? Well that’s a trick question.

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto and sandwiched between the always-busy Eaton Centre and the less-than-desirable George and Jarvis streets neighbourhood, Ryerson’s campus faces a situation that is unique to most university campuses.

We cannot control who comes on campus. Not now, not in the future, not ever.

Campus security does a good job of patrolling the grounds after dark, but the reality of the situation is that they can’t be everywhere at once. So, with what little space I have, here are a few quick tips that could save your life (seriously).

Blue Poles: I know this may be redundant for most returning students, but everyone on campus should know where the blue poles are located. In case of emergency they allow you to contact security on the fly.

Walk Safe program: This service provides students with a security escort 24 hours a day to any location on campus, to the Dundas subway or to a number of parking lots off campus:

Read Security Alerts: You know those annoying e-mails that spam your inbox every week? If you take the time to read them then you’ll be more aware of where the “trouble spots” on campus are.

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