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Reading week stress relief

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By Roderick Fitzgerald

So you made it. You survived the first half of the semester and made it to the fall reading week. Here are a few things that you can do to relieve stress on and around campus — while it lasts.

Join a club

An obvious choice is to join one of the many clubs on campus. Now, you may think, “I don’t want to join something that gives me more work.” Well, that’s why there’s such a wide variety of groups to join — so you can find the one that doesn’t feel like work.

Are you a video game fanatic? Do you like Marvel vs. Capcom, League of Legends, and StarCraft? Gaming and Multiplayer E-Sports of Ryerson (GAMER) is just the place for you. You can talk about, play, and compete against or with fellow gamers like yourself.

For those who prefer designing, building, and possibly racing, there’s Ryerson Formula Racing, where you get to build a race car and then put it into a competition.

Stay active… or slow it down

Don’t want — or don’t have the time — to join and commit to a club? That’s fine; all around campus are things you can do to chill out and relax.

If you’re up for playing some sports — or maybe just laying in a field — there is the Quad, where you could easily start up a game of soccer, football, or — nostalgia alert — jackpot. It’s large enough that you wouldn’t need to worry too much about interrupting or being interrupted by other people.

Of course, maybe you’d rather just relax and stretch out. Stop by Balzac’s, grab a drink and forget all your worries.

Stay hydrated

Speaking of drinking away your worries, Ryerson’s downtown location offers a collection of bars to choose from. Just walk down Yonge Street and you’ll probably wander into one. What better way to relax than grabbing your pals for a fun night out? (Of course, only so often as it’s a stress-reliever instead of a stress-inducer.)

And what goes great with beer and bars? Bar games, of course. Darts, foosball, and let’s not forget pool, all great ways to blow off some steam — if you’re winning, that is.

If you want a more interesting “view,” you could always head to a strip club. There’s something for everyone (no, Zanzibar is not the only one). Have a good time — just not too much of a good time. Remember, hands off.

Get haunted

One final, limited-time offer filled with fun, horror, and a dash of thrills: From Oct. 18–20 and 24–27, between 4 p.m. and midnight, check out Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland. Warning: For those who are unafraid of what lurks in the dark.

And if you feel overwhelmed by your work or studies, remember that, even though you can escape for a little while, it’s best to do what needs to be done so you don’t stress over it forever. But that’s crazy talk, right?

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