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RSU overcharging members union fees

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By Dylan Freeman-Grist

Over $280 000 dollars has been distributed to all full time student accounts due to a Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) billing error, says an email distributed Dec.3 by Ryerson University’s Enrollment Services and Student Fees office.

The registrar’s office has since cleared the billing error and refunded all 28,000 RSU members their fees.

It is still unclear based on the email if the RSU, already reportedly running a $73, 000 deficit, will be able to take another hit to their deficit with the dip in fees.

The annual fee charged by the RSU to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students was mistakenly higher at $119.41.

The error, which saw every student charged an extra $10.35 on the cumulative fall 2013 and winter 2014 semester fees, has been rectified with a paid credit to all full-time student accounts.

The amount of RSU fall semester fee has been changed from $71.65 to $65.43 and from $47.76 to $43.63 for the winter semester.

Students whom are members of the RSU but are not full time will have a representative credit added to their account.

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