We will be giving away our winnings from our first (annual?) Coffee Olympics.

Coffee Olympics: Roll Up The Rim

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Behdad Mahichi

It’s that time of year again where coffee addiction comes to good use… It’s time for another round of Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win. Caffeine heads guzzle down their double-doubles before seeking their coffee verdicts —  because we all know rolling the rim before you finish your drink is bad luck. Praying for the car, anticipating the bike as your fall-back, but ending up with a big fat “Try Again” every time is common ending to every coffee addict’s morning.

Since 2 a.m. coffee-runs are the norm at the office, masthead members decided to test out the winning-to-losing ratio of the contest — which is supposedly one to six.

With six cups of each size, two jugs of coffee and one jug of hot chocolate, the Eyeopener engaged in a coffee party that will go down in history.

We’re giving away our winnings! To get a free coffee or donut tweet @TheEyeopener with the hashtag #CoffeeOlympics before Friday, March 21.

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