The Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC ), in the Quad, has had its men’s lockers resized over the February break. PHOTO: FARNIA FEKRI

RAC lockers gutted during reading week

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By Sierra Bein

A number of male students who left their workout clothing, shoes and equipment in the lockers at the Ryerson Recreation and Athletic Centre (RAC) came back after their winter break surprised to find their belongings gone.

The lockers in the men’s change room have been gutted and replaced with brand new ones over the reading week.

“The first Monday back, I just saw them and they were different,” said second-year business management student, Osas Ogiesoba.

Ogiesoba said he received no notice about the changes and felt that they should have sent out an email to students to notify them.

“I know people who had clothes and shoes [in there] and that’s not right,” he said.

Ogiesoba also said that the lockers are significantly smaller than before and that there are currently only three regular-sized lockers.

“I can’t fit much in them, but we’re paying as much as before,” he said.

Students can rent RAC lockers for $6.75 per month.

Ogiesoba is not alone. Other students say they have not received notice of the changes either.

Shurraj Rao, a third-year mechanical engineer student thinks they should have given better notice.

“I can just fit a backpack and I have to cram it,” he said. “Let alone shoes and everything else.” But some students say that the RAC made an effort to let students know of the changes.

“They put up signs, it’s their own fault if they left their stuff because they were going to kick them out,” said second-year mechanical engineer student Bolis Ibrahim.

However, Bolis agrees that the size is not nearly big enough.

“There’s no way you can even fit a winter jacket in there,” he said.

Associate director of athletics, Stephanie White, said that they are trying to bring the men’s locker room up to the same level as the more recently renovated women’s locker room.

“The women’s [lockers] are in much better shape than the men’s were,” she said.

According to White, notices are put on lockers every time locker cuts are planned.

“Knowing us, we probably put a note 150 times over and over again,” White said.

The RAC charges $10 to return items to the owners of lockers that have been cut.

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