We'll miss you, lattice fries.

Photo: Stine Danielle

10 reasons to mourn the loss of lattice fries at the Ram in the Rye

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By Leah Hansen and Sean Wetselaar

1. Extra surface area = extra grease. You took that first crisp, deep-fried bite and life was good.


2. They filled you up more than regular old fries. For those on a student’s budget, that mattered. That meant that one order could potentially hold you over for more than a day. Lattice fries for breakfast it is.


3. Every lattice fry was equivalent to at least three or four regular fries. More fry, more ketchup, more salt, more flavour.

4. The shape alone made them taste better than regular fries. Who wants to settle for a rectangular fry when you could get a ellipse-shaped crosshatched deep-fried potato slice?


5. Lattice fries were the legacy of the Ram. No more will we be able to congregate over a basket of lattice-shaped grease and bitch about school. Many a student’s first lattice fry was at the Ram — no more.

6. The seasoning salt. THE SEASONING SALT.


7. Lattice fries stimulate the economy because they cost a dollar more. These are tough financial times. Bay Street needs all the help it can get.

8. It is a shape unknown in nature, and actually defies conventional physics. What is a lattice, anyways?

9. RIP true Irish Nachos (made with lattice fries).


10. It’s frosh week. New Ryerson students will never experience the sublime pleasure that was the lattice fry.

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