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What you need to know about stalking the stars at TIFF

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By Leah Hansen 

So maybe you’re not in the mood to buy tickets for individual screenings, sit through “artsy” films or stand in 3-block-long rush lines. Getting the most out of TIFF means creeping all the stars too. But for the price of your dignity (free!), you can catch a glimpse of your favourite celebrity crushes at several red carpet hotspots. 

Tips for staking out:

–    Get there early. If you arrive just before the premiere is set to start, you’ll be forced to sit on the shoulders of someone tall or deal with crowds fifteen people deep. Be prepared to spend at least a couple of hours waiting behind metal barrier. It’s a magical experience.

–    Bring something to occupy yourself. This could be a book, your iPad, or a newspaper. Your hours of waiting will feel like days if you have nothing to occupy you apart from thoughts of your imaginary wedding with Joseph Gordon levitt.

–    Bring something to sit on. Whether it’s a foldable stool or some kind of compact spectating stool, you’re going to want a place to put your butt.

–    Bring a camera and something for your chosen celebrity to sign. While this one is really self-explanatory, I have seen people be devastated after realizing that they forgot one or both. Take note.

–    Bring provisions. Waiting in a crowd full of hyperactive fans is not the most thrilling of activities, but a growling stomach will quickly make to the hangriest person there. I’d suggest portable snacks like Pringles, raw carrots, burritos, burgers or potato salad. Feel free to make a day out of it, picnic basket included.

–    Plan for the weather. You never know if the area you’ll be waiting in will be suitably protected from the elements. The stars are usually under cover – the lowly hordes (you) might not be. Bring your umbrella or, if you’d like to forfeit whatever is left of your dignity, a rain poncho.



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