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You don’t need that: things you shouldn’t bring to class

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By Natalia Balcerzak 

As those old sayings go, preparation is the key to success. Whoever said that first must have been a wise elder who planted trees in the meadows of France. Although it’s good to be ready for anything, there are a few things you probably shouldn’t bring to class — no matter what those back-to-school commercials say.

Scissors: Unless you’ve signed up for a course that’s focused on operating surgery every week, you really don’t need these for lectures. Sure, you scored big on the clearance and got cute zebra-printed ones at Staples, but they’re just going to end up cutting essential space in your bag.

Highlighters: It’s always lovely having a splash of neon colour on your page, but one day those highlighters will destroy your bag with a massive rainbow explosion and you’ll resort to wearing black for the rest of your life. Most professors will let you take notes on your laptop and because of modern technology, you can highlight words now too.

Sharpies: Those unnecessary packages of sleek permanent markers are only an investment into your doodling career. It may be super cool having 50 different shades of grey, but there will be many things you regret when you are older (and this is one of them).

Glue: If you’re planning to organize an arts-and-crafts party out in the quad, fantastic (please invite me). If you’re not, that goo should stay in your abandoned drawer filled with other D.I.Y materials you’ll never use.

Pencils: Those still exist? Long live ink.

Textbooks: “You will not pass this course if you don’t do the required readings,” said every professor in the history of academics. But somehow, many students have bypassed this so-called mandatory item. Dropping $120 on a textbook you’ll read once is painful, so do your homework and look up class reviews to see whether it’s worth the splurge. Nowadays, articles and even novels can be found online. Also, remember that sharing is caring.

White-out: It doesn’t matter if it’s that fancy press-on roll of white tape or the liquid bottle of poisonous toxins — don’t bring it to class. If you’re old fashioned and like to write on lined paper, just scribble that mistake out and move on instead of waiting for the wet paint to dry.

Stilettos: This goes out to all the fashionistas. Spanking, red-hot heels may look sexy when you try them on in the AM but they won’t be once your feet swell up into one giant blister and you can’t walk properly for days. Toronto is all about style and vogue, bunion surgery isn’t. Plus, the tip-tapping of those five-inch medieval torture devices will drive your classmates mad.

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