One of these people is probably going to be your next mayor. Isn’t that a hoot?

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Are we doomed to old farts?

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By Mohamed Omar

All right, let’s take a big bite out of a tasty reality sandwich: John Tory will most likely become mayor.

He’s been leading the polls for a while, and if Doug Ford – who’s been a candidate for less than two weeks – can still somehow maintain a lead over Olivia Chow but still trail Tory, then we have a pretty clear idea of who’s in.

And even if by some miracle Chow wins the race, it doesn’t change the fact that students and young adults are stuck with old farts.

Goodness, no, I don’t mean ancient flatulence. I’m talking about our candidates’ sad attempts at catering to students with transit ideas and policies without appearing as genuine human beings.

Election platforms show you have a plan for the city, authenticity shows you have a personality and a goddamn soul.

We don’t have anyone in this race as remotely exciting as Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi or Edmonton’s 35-year-old mayor, Don Iveson. It’s not to say that being a young candidate directly scores young votes, but it’s clear that those two have figured out how to seem genuine to voters, whether by being legitimately funny on social media or reading children’s stories on YouTube.

Morgan Baskin, a 19-year-old candidate who unfortunately has an ice cap’s chance in hell of winning, put it best at her Q&A at Ryerson last week.

“It’s not magic but I believe in the power of authenticity – it’s how Rob Ford got elected,” she said.

“Young people are super aware when someone is authentic.”

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