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How to have school spirit in eight easy steps

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Ryerson isn’t exactly known for having a lot of school spirit, but you can change that by doing the following:

1. Rid your closet of anything that isn’t blue and gold. Other colours should play no role in your life.

2. Get an obnoxious hat, because obnoxious hats have the magical ability to lift people’s spirits.

3. Carry a megaphone around at all times and proceed to yell things about Ryerson to create a more energetic atmosphere on campus.

4. Paint your entire body blue and gold to show outsiders that you take your university and your education very seriously.

5. Get a ram head tattooed on your back, or another visible body part.

6. Practice “wooing” for at least one hour every day.

7. Learn to perfect your ability to make a ram noise. How can you call yourself a true Ryerson Ram if you can’t imitate our spirit animal?

8. High-five every person you encounter, regardless of whether or not they actually want a high-five.

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