Afghan soldier with henna-stained hands, Kandahar, Afghanistan. 2007. Photo © Louie Palu

Photo: Louie Palu, Courtesy Ryerson Image Centre

Preview: Ryerson Image Centre

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By Jordan Cornish

Dispatch: War Photographs in Print, 1854-2008

Dispatch examines the relationship between photojournalism and the press during times of war. The exhibit covers 150 years of war documentation. See it in the RIC’s main gallery from Sept. 17 until Dec. 7.

Harun Farocki: Serious Games I-IV

Late German artist Harun Farocki explores the relationship between technology and wartime violence. This four-part large-scale installation explores the virtual reality used by the U.S. military for recruitment. It’s on display in the RIC’s university gallery from Sept. 17 to Dec. 7.

Drone Wedding

This exhibit addresses the matter of public surveillance and privacy breaches caused by modern surveillance methods. Displayed on eight screens, Elle Flanders and Tamira Sawatzky used four surveillance cameras and a military drone to take footage of a wedding, emphasizing how surveillance footage changes the way we view an everyday event. See it at the RIC from Sept. 17 to Dec. 19.

Spit and Image

Sam Cotter, a Ryerson photography graduate, merges photography, sculpture, installation and film to address his interest in bridging art with culture. Through Spit and Image, Cotter takes you inside the deceptive nature of filmmaking through an immersive audio and visual experience. Spit and Image is showing on the second floor of the Image Centre  from Sept. 17 until Oct. 26.

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