Ryerson has many ways for you to stay fit, even if you aren’t the varsity type.

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Sports for the rest of us

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By Devin Jones

Get over your Ram burger blues by going underground.

The Ryerson Athletic Centre (RAC) is a full workout facility buried beneath the Kerr Hall quad. Every full-time student pays a $34 fee with their tuition that gives them access to everything the RAC has to offer. A weight room, running track and pool take care of all your workout needs and a variety of cardio classes offer alternative ways to get in shape.

About 4,500 students use the RAC every semester and this is a herd you want to join. “We’re definitely trying to offer as many options as possible,” said Anthony Seymour, Ryerson’s recreational manager. “Studies show that students who exercise are generally happier and … are often less stressed.”

The RAC also hosts many intramural co-ed sports that range from three-on-three volleyball to dodgeball. While still competitive, the intramural leagues are fun and provide a chance for students to meet new people.

The Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC), once known as the historic Maple Leaf Gardens, is home to the varsity basketball, volleyball and hockey teams, among others.

Both the court and ice rink can be used by students during off hours. Pickup basketball and shinny hockey draw students of all skill levels.

The MAC also has a state of the art fitness centre with new equipment that any Ryerson student can use to pump some serious iron.

“The MAC has allowed us to double the size of our weight room and … our cardio programs,” Seymour said.

So while getting plastered at the Ram can be fun, playing sports is too. Nobody wants the Freshman 15 and you’ve already paid for the membership.

You might as well use it.

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