The never ending line.

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Thoughts that go through your head while waiting in line at the bookstore

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By Nicole Schmidt 

Despite how well you think you timed your bookstore visit, there always seems to be a line. And not just any line, but one that looks like it’s never going to end. While waiting to purchase books that you don’t want, you may find yourself thinking some of the following things:

1. My God. Why is this line so long? Don’t you people have classes to attend? Readings to do? Pets to feed? Sweaters to knit?

2. Why is that security guard wearing a bullet proof vest? Who robs a textbook store? I mean, if you’re going to rob a place, wouldn’t it make more sense to hit up a jewellery store or a bank?

3. Jeopardy theme song.

4. Do I really need these books?

5. Maybe I can just get through the semester without them. I mean, how often do I actually do the readings, anyways?

6. I really need to get groceries.

7. Wait, do I even have enough money to get groceries? Let me check my bank account balance. Man, I love online banking.

8. Nope, no money for groceries. Well, not if I buy these books. Maybe I’ll just eat them instead.

9. I could have watched two episodes of Breaking Bad by now.

10. I wonder how long the line is at the other book store.

11. Why do we even HAVE another book store?

12. Why do some people think it’s socially acceptable to ride a scooter?

13. More importantly, why is this taking so long?



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