Sisters Ashley and Melissa Wronzberg are inseparable.

Photo: Jess Tsang

Wronzberg squared: sister duo joins Rams hockey team

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By Mitch Bowmile

The Ryerson women’s hockey team is getting double the Wronzberg this year with sister Ashley joining Melissa for the first time.

Ashley, the older of the two, will be joining the team as a defence man this season, making it the first time the siblings have played on the same competitive team.

“I’ve watched [Melissa] play on the team since the team started three years ago and kind of always thought that it’d be really cool to go back and play,” Ashley said.

Melissa has been one of the leading scorers on the Rams and will be going into her fourth year as last year’s team MVP. Her seven goals and 11 points led the team last season.

Despite sibling rivalries that date back to playing mini-sticks at home and road hockey outside, Melissa says she’s excited for her sister to be joining the squad.

“Ashley’s like one of my friends though, so it’s not way off she’s just joining my group of friends,” Melissa said.

Melissa isn’t the only one thrilled to have Ashley. Head coach Lisa Haley is happy with the decision to add Ashley
to the roster.

“She asked to try out for the team, I really had no choice [not] to take her, she was fantastic,” Haley said.

Being a rookie, Ashley will need to work her way up and fight for the ice time her sister gets on the top line, but Haley said things will work out for her if she continues, “steady improvement on a daily basis.”

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