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5 types of professors you’ll have during university

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By Badri Murali

Throughout your university career, expect to have a lot of professors. Odds are most of them will fall into one of these five categories.

The “I don’t have time for your nonsense” prof

This professor is so busy that you need to remember protocol when trying to talk to them. Make sure to address them as Dr., Mr., Mrs. or professor in all your emails (using your Ryerson authorized email address, of course) or else you won’t get an answer. Make it a point to pay attention to all the procedures written down in the course outline.


The laid back one

Even though she’s been in school longer than you’ve been alive, you’d never be able to tell based on her laid back attitude. Sure, she may have a PhD from Oxford, but she will still insist that you call her Liz. Formalities aside, this professor just wants to make sure that you get as much time to learn as possible.


The older one who struggles with electronics

It’s not just his struggle with Blackboard, but technology in general. He would rather have you write down notes as he reads off of his and call it a semester. You have an iClicker quiz? Chances are he will take a half an hour trying to figure out how to set it up. He will also make a point to curse at all of this darn technology in front of everyone — to show that he isn’t impressed with admin asking him to use “new teaching and learning methods.”


The suave one

Somehow by the age of 30, this professor has managed to get their PhD and is now teaching a class of 200. When you show up on the first day, you can’t help but wonder, “is this stud really my professor?” Something about his slim khakis and lightly tousled hair helps make that Monday morning psychology lecture a bit easier to attend.


The activist

To say that this professor cares about a particular cause would be an understatement. They teach not only for the love of teaching, but to get students riled up over the inequalities of the world — fight the power!


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