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App of the week: Pollenize

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By: Laura Woodward

Pollenize is like Sparknotes for politics. Its app and website provide a brief summary for each Toronto mayoral candidate — including their educational background, opinions and policies on topics such as transportation, garbage collection, taxes and plans for economic development.

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Pollenize attempts to conquer the low youth voting turnout. Miguel Barbosa, project manager of Pollenize, got the idea for the platform in a debate with Karen Stinz. “[She] was asked how she would work to get the youth vote. We saw an opportunity there to inform not only our generation, but anyone who dislikes the way politics is presented to them,” Barbosa said.

Pollenize primarily retrieves its information from candidates’ campaign platforms and press releases that are cited for users to retrace for further information.

Toronto is currently the only city on Pollenize, but Chicago is next on the list.WEBpollenize-2

Check out the app and get informed so you don’t have to “eenie meenie miney moe” your vote.

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