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Rate your classmates

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By Laura Woodward

Ryerson business graduate Stefano Cerone started — short for team work problems — a website for students to anonymously rate their classmates based on performance.

“We’re trying to encourage recognition and constructive feedback between students and help students search for a diverse amount of group members,” Cerone said.

Students can create an account and anonymously rate their classmates out of five stars.

There is also an option to post comments about their group members based on teamwork, dependability, competence, work ethic and communication skills. Users can search for classmates to choose appropriate group members or search their own name to see what their group members think of them.

Cerone, currently a York MBA student, came up with the idea in his final year of Ryerson after he had a bad experience with a group project.

But Cerone said that the site is not meant for students to bash each other. To avoid this, there is a flagging function where users can notify the creators about offensive comments.

There are currently 11 schools on the site, including Ryerson, but Tworp plans to add more in the future.


  1. “hi”…im leaving this comment because it wouldn’t let me go passed unless i did this…so “bye”

  2. my classmates are so dumb, our project was by far the best but we didn’t win a single award because democracy is corrupt.

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