One of Bunn’s favourite bags is covered in sock monkeys.

Photo: Julia Tomasone

She’s got it in the bag

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By Julia Tomasone

Victoria Bunn is breaking the fashion mold with her line of tote bags.

The part-time Ryerson student launched Breaking Bags this past summer and has been selling them commercially on her website ever since.

“Regular tote bags are singular and flat but these tote bags have dimension and pockets for better usage,” Bunn said.

Each bag takes up to six hours to make and there are only one or two bags that are identical.

She creates each unique bag in her bedroom by cutting out the fabric, interfacing each piece, sewing them together and then adding customization like buttons and pockets.

She channels her creative spirit by blasting her music full volume.

“My mom hates it so I usually do it when she is out of the house or in the middle of the night,” Bunn said.

Bunn finds juggling being a student and an entrepreneur difficult but she’s determined to finish her biology degree at Ryerson while managing her business.

Her business launched after her involvement with the Summer Company, a program run by the government providing grants and mentorship to student entrepreneurs under 30.

A Breaking Bag tote bag costs between $60 and $70, depending on customization.

Along with her tote bags, Bunn is working on wallets and small purses — currently in the design stages.


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