Ryerson’s ranking in a list of top Canadian business schools goes down

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Started fourth place, now we here

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By Laura Woodward

Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) ranked last place in a recent listing of the country’s top business schools.

Canadian Business listed the top business schools on Oct. 2 — with TRSM ranked tenth out of 10 schools — even in spite of a new real estate program and the school of accounting and finance.

Kimberley Bates, Ryerson’s MBA director, finds pride in Ryerson’s ranking. “As an eight-year old MBA program we are proud to be on the top 10 list. There are over 45 MBA programs in Canada and being in the top 10 is great,” Bates said.

Last year Ryerson ranked fourth on the list.

“Last year was the first year of this ranking and there may have been more participants this year,” Bates said.

Rankings were based on criteria like reputation, post-degree salary, tuition (lower is better), work experience (more is better) and program length (shorter is better).

“Twenty-five per cent of this ranking is based on reputation and as a new program with fewer alumni,

[Ryerson’s] scores in this area probably vary more than programs with thousands of graduates in the workforce,” Bates said.

Queen’s University schooled the list coming out on top, with HEC Montreal landing second and York in third.

“We will continue to focus on excellence and believe that as more people in key stakeholder communities come to know our program, our ranking will steadily improve,” said Bates.

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