CEO of Kobo Inc. Michael Serbinis came to Ryerson to speak with business students as part of Ryerson’s fall speaker series

Photo: Mansoor Tanweer

A lecture worth listening to

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By Mansoor Tanweer

Michael Serbinis, CEO of Kobo Inc., came to Ryerson to impart business insight to a business management class and answer questions.

Serbinis’s appearance was part of Ryerson’s fall speaker series, giving MBA students the opportunity to hear from Canada’s business successors.

“All that makes me sound like a pretty big nerd,” responded Serbinis to lawyer and moderator Ralph E. Lean’s introduction. “Today I would still describe myself as a pretty big nerd, an entrepreneur, I like to start companies.”

The most anticipated part of the evening was the question and answer period. Students prepared questions for Serbinis to understand his success in the business world as well as some of his track record.

“We needed the capital, the best way to get that was to sell Kobo,” said Serbinis in response to a student’s question about selling Kobo Inc. to Japanese eReader maker Rakuten. “What makes tech ecosystems thrive is when people have an exit. The money finds it way back into the system.”

The night ended with a reception on the ninth floor of the Ted Rogers School of Management building. Everyone present rubbed elbows with the CEO and networked.

“It was really great to talk to him,” said Denise Harbottle a MBA student. “Events like these are great for energizing students.”


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