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All motions passed at CESAR’s semi-annual general meeting

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By Aidan Cox

CESAR had its semi-annual general membership meeting Nov. 4 to approve motions pertaining to the group’s new auditor, the financial statement, the emergency grant and the Student Centre project.

Lane Rasmussen, the new auditor of CESAR’s finances, introduced himself and briefly discussed his role and responsibility at the beginning.

“Management of every entity that has a financial statement could potentially have a conflict of interests. Auditors go through the books to make sure that everything is correct,” said Rasmussen.

Also presented to members in attendance were copies of the group’s financial statements as at April 30 of this year. This year’s executive team had the task of organizing and sorting out all the backlogged records and data left behind by the previous year’s executive team. President, Denise Hammond, attributed the financial statement’s late release to this reason.

Also related to the group’s finances, CESAR treasurer Priyanth Nallaratnam highlighted the availability of the emergency bursary of $500 to members. He went through the guidelines for applying to the bursary and said that it would be launched no later than this month. Members also approved a motion that would see to the investment of up to $250,000 to help repair the bathrooms in the Student Centre, which caused the unpleasant smell in the building’s elevator at the beginning of the semester. The money will also go towards improving their quality and accessibility.

Shifting from the issue of money, Hammond also emphasized the role of class representatives. She announced that CESAR is having workshops to help class representatives reach out to students. Hammond said that part of the role of the president is communicating with students and class representatives.

In keeping with outreach, Dwayne Anderson, Director of Academics and Policy, talked about CESAR’s involvement in contributing to petitions and campaigns such as freezing tuition fees. Anderson said that CESAR is asking Ryerson to spend money better with alternative budgets in order for tuition fees to be lessened. Anderson noted that the group is only as strong as its members.

“We really want your input,” he said.

The floor was opened to questions from members towards the end. All motions were passed.


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