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Beginning of the semester expectations vs. now

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By Esther Trout

Now that we’re more than halfway through the fall term, it’s time to accept the fact that your expectations for the semester probably didn’t match up with reality.

Expectation: You thought selecting an early morning class would do you some good.

Reality: If you even make it to that 8 A.M class, you spend the whole time dreaming about the life-saving nap you’ll be taking afterwards. All of your hopes of productivity have been crushed.

Expectation: If you’re living on your own, it’s more than likely you’ve envisioned yourself as a culinary prodigy.

Reality: Sure, the home-cooked meals drenched in self-satisfaction will taste great. But are you really going to be in the mood to wash the dishes? And with such an eclectic selection of restaurants nearby, it only makes sense for you to take advantage of things like the Subway sub of the day…everyday.

Expectation: Admit it — you expected your dingy student apartment to look like a fabulously furnished New York City apartment by now.

Reality: It seems like you can never find the time to go furniture shopping. Also, you had no idea how expensive a decent kitchen appliance would be. As a result, you’re destined to live in a bleak, perpetually dirty apartment for the rest of the semester.

Expectation: You relentlessly told yourself that you’d finish all of the assigned readings.

Reality: You flipped through them… or maybe you just looked at the pictures. Okay, you stopped doing the readings after week two.

Expectation: You thought you’d be out partying every weekend, soaking in every single drop of Toronto nightlife.

Reality: “Alright, I’ll just spend one more weekend staying in bed and watching T.V on my laptop,” the student said as another opening sequence flashed across the screen.

Expectation:  Everyone told you the workload this year was going to be unbelievably difficult to bear.

Reality: Ha! It’s hard to feel the pressure when you don’t look at what’s due in class until the day before. Sometimes procrastination is a necessary evil, allowing you to spend your time tackling life’s other challenges (see “assigned readings” expectation).

Expectation: Because of Ryerson’s prime downtown location, you promised yourself you’d be exploring the streets, traipsing around the city in between classes.

Reality: Something new is stirring inside of you. It’s not a childlike curiosity for the big city, it’s… a profound laziness? You’re miles away from home, yet you can still hear the siren song of your bed, loud and clear.

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