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End of the semester struggles

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By Justin Chandler

The semester is coming to a close, but before you can enjoy a glorious month-long vacation you’ve got to power through the following struggles.

All your readings

You were 90 per cent sure your prof was joking when she assigned those 500 pages, but it turns out she actually wanted you to read them before the exam. Now you’ve got 12 weeks of reading to finish in two weeks. What will break first, your eyes or your sanity?

Surviving the Gould Street construction

The Student Learning Centre construction was already a giant obstacle as is and now, with Gould Street added to the list, you might as well give up. As you walk to class, you risk being crushed by a steamroller, brained by a crane or hit by a dump truck. All those construction workers are wearing hard hats. Maybe you should have one too.

Turning violent while you study for exams

You’ve got three exams all on the same day. They’re each worth 50 per cent of your final mark and you’ve only got a 60 per cent average. You’re screwed. So why does that guy sitting across from you look so happy? Does he have exams?  Probably not. He’s probably in arts. He probably spends his nights reading poetry and drinking wine instead of studying. Look at him smiling. He’s taunting you. He wants you to fail.

Black Friday shopping

How can you study when you go to school next to a giant shopping mall and there are so many deals coming up? Too bad you’re a cashless student. Does OSAP work at the Eaton’s Centre?

Trying to stay warm

You ask yourself the same questions every year: Is winter always this cold? Where did all this snow come from? Does Mother Nature hate Toronto? Where did I leave my toque? Will there be a snow day? Why don’t I live in the Caribbean? With such a cold November in progress, you’re already experiencing flashbacks of last year’s ice storm. It’s not a good feeling.

Waiting in traffic

Now that the snow’s here your commute time has increased by 53 per cent. Dogsleds are cheaper than Metropasses. Maybe you’ll try taking one of those to school.

Celebrating Ford’s final weeks as Mayor (or not)

Maybe you’re thrilled that Ford is leaving. Maybe you fear the gravy train’s return. Maybe you’ll miss watching the Ford videos. It’s been a wild four years.

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