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Mental Well Being Week supports mental health on campus

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By Aidan Hamelin

It’s Mental Well Being Week at Ryerson and to kick-off seven days of open discussion about student mental health, the department of health and wellbeing launched its new website.

The website, which went live on the beginning of Mental Well Being Week on Nov. 10, is intended to be a hub for information and resources about mental wellbeing and student success.

“Right now [the website] is really, really basic,” said Su-Ting Tao, director of student health and wellness. “But we’re really hoping to build on it over time.”

The website is the result of an initiative started by the Ryerson Mental Health Advisory Committee following a general meeting in 2013 to provide a centralized space for all of Ryerson’s mental health services.

“[Mental health] is crucially important for [students] to succeed in school,” Tao said. “People forget that they have to be mentally well to be able to study and to do assignments and exams.”

Ryerson’s Cree Elder and Traditional Counsellor Joanne Dallaire spoke during the week’s opening ceremony on Nov. 10 about the importance of freely discussing mental health, both publicly and privately, as well as accepting and supporting those who struggle with mental illness.

“If you can understand how you work emotionally, then you’re going to better relate to everyone else,” Dallaire said.

Two students were also each given a Federated Chinese Professionals Mental-Health Resilience Award, worth $1,000, during the ceremony.

Other Mental Well Being Week attractions include the Awesomeness Wall, a free space meant to share ideas and inspiration located in the Podium Lounge, a Counselling Open House, which is an opportunity to learn about the various counselling options available at Ryerson, and the Stress-Free Writing and Learning workshop, which provides a chance to learn tips and techniques on how to de-stress while writing your 2 a.m. essays.

A full list of events, public and restricted, are available at

Mental health week’s Official Closing will be held in the Upper Hub on Nov. 12, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.


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