O’Keefe House is full once again after students were forced to relocate.

Photo: Sierra Bein

Back home in ol’ O’Keefe

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By Jake Scott

Students are back in O’Keefe House after being relocated to ILLC due to a fire on Jan. 7.

“We were able to let all the students relocate back in to O’Keefe House. If they were required to remove any belongings they were able to move them back in before the weekend,” said Residence Life Facilitator Simon Finn.

The fire began on the second floor causing an estimated $15,000 in damages, forcing an evacuation and response from Toronto Fire Services (TFS).

TFS identified a power bar in a second-floor bedroom as the cause of the fire.

Despite the fire and water damage, it didn’t take long to put O’Keefe back in order.

“All the repairs have been done. We made that a priority after we were able to place the students [in another residence]. Our second priority was getting them back in as quickly as possible,” said Finn.

Displaced students were also compensated by Ryerson for their inconvenience.

“Housing and Residence Life put $200 on each student’s OneCard to cover any expenses,” said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy.

The exact cost of repairs has yet to be released to The Eyeopener.

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