Lululemon designer and Ryerson alumna, J.J., and his mother, have opened clothing store Kit & Ace.

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Grad opens Kit & Ace

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By Josie Mills

A new store on Queen Street West, Kit and Ace, is launched by Lululemon designer and Ryerson alumna, J.J.

J.J co-founded the company with his mother Shannon Wilson, the original designer behind Lululemon.

The two have teamed up to create clothing that combines street wear and athletic wear. The first Kit & Ace opened up in Vancouver, but since then expanded to Toronto.

“The entrepreneurship program at Ryerson taught me that there’s always opportunity, not just in start-ups but also in pre-existing businesses. It’s about picking the right opportunity at the right time. The world moves fast and so do good opportunities,” he said.

The pair did a lot of travelling and often found themselves constantly wearing brand’s athletic wear and realized there wasn’t a luxury company that sold performance clothing that was functional but sophisticated and stylish. They used this void in the industry as the basis for Kit and Ace — using “technical cashmere.”

Wilson has high hopes for the future of the company and fashion. “I want this to be big. I want Kit and Ace to change the way the world sees and understands their clothing,” he said.

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