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Interview with Unite Ryerson hacker

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By Jake Scott

Someone going by the name Copy That has claimed responsibility for hacking the website of Unite Ryerson, the Ryerson Students’ Union’s incumbent slate in the upcoming election.

The person sent The Eyeopener an email saying that they could prove their claim by putting any video of our choosing on the site. Within six minutes, the video on was changed from Kim Kardashian’s crying moments to He Man singing a Four Non Blondes song.

 “It was incredibly easy, all I had to do was go to their website, find out the domain was open and then purchase it … Anyone could have done it,” they said in an email.  “I acted alone and required no help.”

Copy That said they had done so in response to actions from Unite Ryerson.

“I noticed that Unite Ryerson broke a rule by posting all of their posters up in TRSM (Ted Rogers School of Management) without any approval from the RCS (Ryerson Commerce Society) so I thought they should be taught a lesson,” said Copy That in an email.

The Eyeopener is looking into whether RCS, and not the RSU’s Chief Returning Officer, has jurisdiction over poster approval.

Copy That also said they endorse the opposition slate, Transform Ryerson.

“I truly believe they are the best change for a better student union we have.  They will be getting my vote,” said Copy That.

Copy That also said that they will not be giving control of the site back to Unite Ryerson.

“The website is mine and I rightfully own it,” said Copy That.


  1. If he legitimately bought the domain name then it’s not “hacking”, which is a crime, but cybersquatting, but isn’t You should correct your terminology.

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