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Reactions to TTC events through Friends GIFS

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By Farnia Fekri

The Toronto Transit Commission is a familiar part of our daily lives. Especially at Ryerson, known to be a commuter school, a lot of students make up the 1.6 million Torontonians who use the TTC every day.

The subway system has become a cesspool of bizarre interactions that cost us many years off of our lives. We’ve compiled a list of reactions to TTC happenstance using Friends GIFS, because well, Friends is delightful.


When you save the day by giving an elderly person your seat:


When someone’s bag deserves a seat during rush hour:


When you’re late for class and there are four assistance alarms and two signal problems:


When somebody tries to take the seat you are CLEARLY walking toward:


And then you win the seat through sheer genius and shamelessness:


When downtown residents who NEVER go on the TTC romanticize it:


When it’s so crowded that your nose is in someone’s armpit and your armpit in someone’s nose:


When you see someone you wouldn’t mind riding to Kipling with:


And last but not least, when someone raises TTC fares:

Next time you’re prisoned in a metal box for half an hour at 8 a.m., we hope this list helps you ignore the shitty service you receive for the ridiculously high fare you pay. Cheers!


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