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SLC construction in final stretch

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By Brennan Doherty

The Student Learning Centre (SLC) section at the Ryerson Builds website reports that, as of Dec. 1st, most of the building’s exterior work is finished. A few additional components were scheduled to have been completed by the end of December.

These include the blue ceiling panels under the plaza soffit, glass doors for the stores on the ground floor, and furniture installations and insets along the bordering Yonge St. sidewalk.

The main lobby’s domed ceiling is done and construction of a ground-floor café should be underway this month.

A picture of the interior, posted last Friday on the Ryerson Student Learning Support’s Twitter account, shows significant progress on the fourth floor of the building- reserved for academic services such as the Writing Centre, Test Centre, English Language Support and others.

Furniture fixtures are already in place, part of the back wall has been painted a light green and carpets appear to have already been installed.

While the SLC will be open again for media tours at the end of January, Ryerson has not announced any concrete information regarding the leasing of the building’s ground-level retail space.

Ryerson said in August 2013 that it would be leasing the ground and lower floors of the building.

Rent money will help finance the SLC’s construction.

According to Ryerson President Sheldon Levy, it’s been difficult to sell the retail space as two separate offers. So, Ryerson is combining both floors into a package deal.

While there is currently no leasing deal, Levy thinks it’s “very close.”

“We’ve had pharmacies, we’ve had telecommunications companies, we’ve had a variety that have looked at it and shown an interest. I think we’ll get something,” he said.

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