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Welcome back, ye olde chaps

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By Mohamed Omar

Look who decided to crawl back onto the naked, concrete arteries of Gould Street. Welcome back to Ryerson. There was a fire. You missed it.

Other stuff happpened, too. For starters, the campus radio station, The Scope, got well-endowed with an AM radio frequency. That’s right baby, tune in to channel 1280 for all of Rye’s rockin’ news and tunes. Well, not now. The channel isn’t set up yet, but the plan is to have it on air by January 2016.

What am I saying? You probably don’t care about this old stuff! You’re a forward thinker, not a sad booger stuck in the nasal cavities of time, so here’s a primer on the changes you can expect this semester.

Administration shake-up: Ryerson president Sheldon Levy will have a successor by the end of the term. Most university presidents aren’t mentioned much, but Levy’s reputation as a – dear lord have I grown sick of this term – city builder will no doubt give the new boss some big shoes to fill.

The ever-sexy world of student politics could get sexier: When it comes to student activism, something feels a bit different this semester.

The Ryerson Students’ Union election, which takes place in Feburary, could – and could is a tremendously strong word here – see some official opposition.

Back in the fall, a group of students calling themselves Rise For Ryerson organized against the RSU’s campaign to get the school to freeze tuition fees.

The group wasn’t for rising tuition fees, but it was no doubt against the student union’s Tent City – set up outside Jorgenson Hall – and its way of dealing with the university’s board of governors.

This might translate into an exciting election, for once.

Sports! Brought to you by sports!: Ryerson will get slapped with some March madness as it hosts the Canadian Interuniversity Sport basketball championship.

This is a national tournament, and since we’re hosting all those bastards here, we automatically get a spot. Yippee ki-yay.

The championship runs March 12-15. Bring the ruckus, as well as yourself, to the Mattamy Athletic Centre to show this country you give a poo about your school.

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