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How House of Cards has changed us in 7 GIFs

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By Farnia Fekri

The third season of our beloved Netflix show, House of Cards, came out on Feb. 27. To mark this special occasion, we’ve compiled a list of GIFs that show how the first two seasons of the show changed us all.

1. Life goals are now worth back stabbing and manipulating.


2. You want the bad guy to fail AND succeed. Mainly just succeed. What does that make you?


3. Frank and Claire are your #relationshipgoals.


4. Smoking is HORRIBLE but kind of cool again because, let’s remember, #relationshipgoals.


5. Did I mention #relationshipgoals ?


6. You want to be as self-involved as Frank (who wouldn’t?).


7. The rowing machine at the gym is a LOT cooler than it used to be.



You know it’s all true…now go, young one, watch season 3!


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