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New bachelor program focuses on multicultural literature

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By Aidan Hamelin

A new BA in the department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLC) was approved at a Ryerson Senate meeting for fall 2015. The bachelor of Language and Intercultural Relations (ILR) will allow Ryerson students to major in multicultural literature studies in their original languages, in what is the LLC’s first degree program.

“We think that language and the importance of linguistic diversity is really foundational to building a strong, first-rate University,” said Jean-Paul Boudreau, professor and dean of the faculty of arts.

In other news, the senate motioned to discontinue the IBM Mainframe System Z Computing and Laboratory Management and Practices certificates, due to lack of student interest and enrollment.

As well, a motion was passed unanimously to allow full and associate members of the Ryerson faculty association, including academic directors who are not directors of a school, be able to serve as members of the senate in a position for which they are otherwise qualified.

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