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People of Ryerson: Angel Javonillo

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By Mallory Warren

When Angel Javonillo isn’t trying to memorize names of medications or medical terms, she can be found making music.

She is a third-year nursing student that plays both the guitar and the piano. Ever since she was little, she “was forced” by her parents to attend piano music lessons until the age of 10.

After having it embedded in her brain, Javonillo has gone from hating playing the piano to really enjoying it. Her mother taught her how to play the guitar, another instrument Javonillo loves to play.

Now, by her own free will, Javonillo learns modern songs to play and finds playing music very relaxing. “Music allows me to be in my own world and gives me peace when I want to disconnect to the realities of our society,” she said.

But playing music isn’t all Javonillo does in her spare time.  Her parents encouraged her and her sister to participate in sports as well.

“[My father] raised us as if we were boys, we were involved in all the sports through elementary and on,” she said. Javonillo currently plays tennis, volleyball and basketball, when the weather gets warmer.

“Playing sports or just being active lets me run wild and free, to show that I have skills to play against the opposite gender, or probably even be better,” Javonillo said.

The competitive edge she learned through playing sports has propelled her into the home stretch of her tough university program.

Javonillo says that finishing her program strong, with good grades, would be great. “The next step for me, making it into my final year, now that would be icing on the cake.”

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