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V-Day for single girls: cats and tears

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By Simona Catalano

With the cliché “couple holiday” of the year (a.k.a. Valentine’s Day – for those of you who didn’t grasp that) just around the corner, single girls could not be more excited. Am I right? Of course I am. 
            It’s a day dedicated to all the couples around the world professing their undying love for their counterpart. Gushing over their significant other, kissing infinitely and broadcasting their love on every known social media network is the purpose of this overly dramatized day. Or at least that what is presumed. Couples take pity on the poor, unfortunate souls that have no one to love on this day—such a shame. Thanks for thinking of us, guys. 
            This is a day for lovers to be together. Who else could there be to spend the day with? If you thought no one, you guessed right! It’s true: Valentine’s Day sucks for singles. No matter where you go you cannot escape this day creeping behind you, like a stalker lurking in the shadows, observing. Endless emails from the ultimately sexy, steamy Victoria’s Secret taunt single girls with the sexiest lingerie possible for their non-existent love life. The best part is the gorgeous half-naked models making her rethink the chocolates she just shoved down her throat. 
            With special Valentine’s weekend deals advertised left right and center, the mall is a dangerous place for the supposedly unstable single ladies. Hearts — inevitably a symbol of love and romance — hang as dangling reminders that yes, you are alone and no, you are not in love. 
            So what exactly does the day look like for the sad, lonely, cat lady? Since restaurants and movie theaters will be packed with couples, naturally she avoids the outside world completely. She will purchase a sexy outfit online, as she eats mint chocolate chip ice cream out of the tub, wondering if she should have settled for the last guy she was with. No one will see this outfit except for her eight cats, which she will cuddle with while reading Fifty Shades of Grey later on in the night. The average single woman will order in, drink a bottle of wine, (yes, the entire bottle and maybe more), watch the notebook and cry with her beloved felines. 
            But singles that feel like they need to redeem themselves will spend this day a bit differently than the scared ladies at home with their kitties. These go-getters will get all dressed up for a night out on the town, searching for a new beau to hopefully turn this day around. So for those of you hoping to bypass this dreadful day: get up off your booty, put on your dancing shoes, drink some champagne and blackout.

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