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13 cat GIFs that are so cute we just can’t

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By Farnia Fekri

So cats are awesome. Cat videos are objectively the best videos on Youtube. Cat GIFs are objectively the best GIFs on Tumblr. I’ve compiled a list of really great cat GIFs I found on Tumblr to provide, you know, a public service (OF INSPIRING HAPPINESS).

1. Omg no.

2. This cat looks like a good time.


4. “Hey what’s this camera doing here?”

5. *gasp*

6. This cat needs to be fed less food.


8. Friendship is the best ship!

9. What the hell is going on here?

10. Enough said.

11. This GIF had to make the list, it just had to.

12. “HAAAAAY!”

13.Tears actual tears from this cuteness tears

Well, that is all. You are ever so welcome. Now go adopt a cat.

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