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Brightspace to replace Blackboard

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By Jacob Dubé

After a 12-year stay at Ryerson, Brightspace is replacing Blackboard as the new Learning Management System (LMS).

“We felt [Blackboard] wasn’t a modern interface, it wasn’t doing the kinds of things that people wanted to do,” said Jim Buchanan, Assistant Director of the Computing and Communications Services (CCS) in charge of client services.

The change comes after a two-year consultation process in which several Learning Management Systems were scored against the 300 requirements for Blackboard’s replacement. After being tested by Ryerson faculty and students earlier this year, Desire2Learn’s Brightspace program was officially selected.

According to an email sent by the CCS, Brightspace shares similar features with Blackboard but with “some improved functionality and some changed terminology and navigation.”

The switch is set to happen over the summer with Brightspace taking over before the fall term.

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