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People of Ryerson: Kyle Mack

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By: Nicole Di Donato

You might recognize him from his work on MUCH Music or from his blog, Radiant Wording. Either way his passion and desire to stay true to his art and to himself will inspire you.

“You really do have to take risks within yourself, especially when you’re in first year and you’re coming out of a small town or a small city and coming into a big, urban area. You really need to be brave.”

Over his two years at Ryerson in the RTA media production program, Kyle Mack has had quite the journey while trying to figure out what he wants to do as a career.

“I went from wanting to be an on-air personality to deciding that I want to produce, and then from there I decided I want to do marketing, as in public relations. So I kind of did a 360.”

The great thing about media is that it is very versatile, and while you may be in a certain field for maybe three or four years, you still have the option to go other places.”

Kyle has always known that he wanted to go to Ryerson and says how the program has exceeded his expectations. As Kyle’s interests changed, the program changed with him by giving him the option to focus on and explore new avenues of media.

Originally from Mississauga, Kyle is now living downtown in the Distillery District.  Although it was a huge change, he explains that he was fortunate to have been working and commuting to the city years before he started attending Ryerson.

He has made some great memories while at Ryerson and while living in Toronto, experiencing everything from witnessing a man pour Pepsi all over himself on the TTC, to enjoying hot dogs in Pitman Quad at 4 a.m. with his close friends.

So far, Kyle’s experience at Ryerson has seen him doing everything from creating a popular blog in Toronto, being a social media coordinator for the RTA course union, and planning an event called Discover RTA, a showcase of talent from students in his program .

“I’m going to be super lame and I’m going to quote The Great Gatsby when Jordan Baker said, ‘I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there’s never any privacy.’ … that’s exactly how Toronto is. You can be surrounded by people, yet feel entirely alone and by yourself,” Mack noted.

I think it’s just about finding a center and really finding yourself, and Toronto is the biggest place for that because you’re surrounded by not only so many talented individuals, but surrounded by people from all walks of life.”

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