Everything you need to know about surviving frosh week as an introvert

Frosh Week for Introverts

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By Skyler Ash 

Like many incoming Ryerson students, I’m a dangerous combination of nervous and excited for school — frosh week in particular. Also, like a decent amount of incoming students, I am an introvert. I like to be around people, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not a big fan of crowds of people all high on life screaming, “This is my year!” every five minutes.

I anticipate a large amount of my frosh experience to be me lost in a sea of people, quietly observing the first-year students in their natural habitat. Although, I do want to have a good time — as I’m sure everyone does. Here are three ways to make frosh fun when your idea of a good time differs from those pesky extroverts.

1.  All you need to do is make one friend, then glom onto them so they can’t shake you off. They’ll just have to embrace your presence in their lives. Preferably, make friends with somebody who’s a bit outgoing so they can introduce you to a bunch of other people. You can quietly trail along behind them while they experience life to the fullest. Just hover awkwardly beside someone and wait until they say hello, make painful small talk, make ‘em laugh, and you’re in.

2. Pretend that you’re having fun, even if you’re not. This is something that you’re probably pretty good at if you’re an introvert. Laugh, smile and rejoice! Then go home and have a Netflix marathon with yourself. You had a long, hard day. You deserve it!

3. Go to all the events that you can, but take breaks. Go get coffee, have some lunch, or explore campus on your own. It’s understandable that you may need a bit of alone time. Yes, your new friends might be nice, but as a fellow introvert, some time to yourself will help you feel better. When you’re on your own, people watch. Imagine what their lives are like, what kind of soap they use and what kind of person their dog thinks they are.

I’m not saying being an introvert is a bad thing — you’re actually more self-sufficient and independent. But try to go for that perfect 50/50 split and transform yourself into an ambivert. Even though frosh might not seem like something you want to do, chances are you’ll regret heading home early, or not going at all.

Go forth and prosper ye lovers of quiet, solitude and peace. Shed that shy exterior for a loud, excitable one and try to make some memories that you’ll spend the next few nights analyzing and re-analyzing to see if every little thing you said and did was okay.

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