Finding your student number can be hard without internet. PHOTO: JACOB DUBÉ

Lost Number Woes

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By Jacob Dubé

Your student number is a crucial thing to have in your first weeks at Ryerson. But if you don’t have an Internet connection, finding your number can be difficult, especially since you need it to set up your account to use Ryerson’s Wifi. Here are some offline ways to get the number that will stay with you for the next four years.

Ask your student affairs coordinator

Every program has one. They’re usually the go-to person for every single Ryerson-related problem you might have. Drop in to their office in your program’s building and you’ll have your number in no time.

Visit the OneCard office

They’re located in Jorgenson Hall, JOR-02. As an added bonus, they can also help you out with any questions regarding how OneCard works. And there will be a lot of questions.

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